Air - WeightIn the book of Job it is written that God “makes a weight for the wind.” This is an amazing scientific statement that the wind (air) actually has weight. To the ancient man wind or air had no value as an object of mass, but now scientists know that air molecules have a weight value which in turn effective produce air pressure .


God sees under the whole heavens… , to make the weight for the winds (Job 28. 24-25)



This fact has been refuted by some stating that even though ancient man had no knowledge of air having a molecular weight, they still could have observed that they knew that it had ‘air pressures’ by the fact that wind is able to move physical objects (i.e. blowing through the trees etc.) thus this would have been common knowledge.

This verse, if taken literally as all the Bible should be, says specifically that God makes or assigns a ‘weight’ for the wind, specifically a deeper meaning then simple ‘pressures’ as ancient man would have known it, and still an outstanding scientific fact that was not discovered until recent centuries by modern chemists. The Bible says specifically ‘weight’ and as ancient man could not have had any understanding that pressure or force is derived from weight in the first place the skeptics argument become invalid.